Sport for Business 

The label of ‘sportswashing’ haunts commercial firms and sponsors the world over.

For many fans or players, a company’s presence in the hallowed realm of sport is often seen as a marketing ploy, a tick in the ‘social responsibility box’, or an attempt to make them look good via sport.  

But what if you could develop an authentic project that uses the power of sport to create genuine social, environmental or sporting impact while still delivering on commercial KPIs?  

And what if you could team up with other like-minded thinkers in government, sporting bodies, and academe to scale up your project for greater positive change and higher profit margins?  

The Sports Diplomacy Alliance has decades of experience in linking sport to commercial projects. Everyone has extended business performance while delivering social transformation. The Alliance is a master at navigating the opaque, complex space where sport, politics, and business overlap.  


Playing the Sports Diplomacy game 

Whether thinking of developing technologies, expanding into new markets, or fulfilling corporate social responsibility obligations, sport can increase your brand, networks, and bottom line.  

The role, power, and meaning of sport are in a zeitgeist moment. In the modern world sport drives conversations around social or climate justice, fan engagement, athlete wellbeing, gender equality, and sustainable development. The lines between sport, politics and activism are blurrier than ever, while fans, players, and communities have higher expectations of brands to be authentic, trustworthy, and progressive.  

But how do commercial firms profitably enter this new playing field while creating a meaningful ‘sport for business’ strategy that delivers both financial and sporting gains?  

Strategically investing in Sport Diplomacy generates universal goodwill, new partnerships, and bigger profits.  


How can businesses benefit from Sports Diplomacy?  

  • It is a low-risk, low-cost, and often high-profile way to increase trust in your brand, influence in your industry, and profits – regionally, nationally, and globally. 
  • A bespoke Sports Diplomacy strategy for your business can neatly dovetail with your other public, social, or media relations campaigns.  
  • Commercial Sports Diplomacy strategies can open doors to new international partners, and markets, extending your commercial opportunity beyond your original project scope. 
  • Networking events allied to major sporting events are an easy and informal way to establish links to new government, sporting, commercial, and education partners. 
  • Tying Sports Diplomacy to your next project can produce measurable gains in your profit margin tied to tangible KPIs. 
  • Sports Diplomacy can bring corporate, government, sports and academic leaders together to strengthen old relationships and forge new ones. These relationships often endure for life. 

Let’s get you on the playing field 

Our team of global experts provides the following services: 
  • Identifying stakeholders in sport and diplomacy to help scale your company and commercial capabilities. 
  • Developing, implementing, and measuring/evaluating a world-class Sports Diplomacy strategy. 
  • Facilitating access to new international markets, development projects, and commercial platforms. 
  • Creating partnerships in government, sporting bodies, and the education sector. 
  • Testing or ‘sportsproofing’ commercial strategies, products, or sponsorship deals before they are rolled out on the market.  
  • Educating company leaders and stakeholders about the practice of Sports Diplomacy.  

Ready to deliver real impact with your next sport project?

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