Join the world’s first Alliance dedicated to Sports Diplomacy professionals

Governments, sports organisations, corporations and many others are all using sport as a way to achieve core objectives. Our research team has identified over 20 professions that now ‘do’ Sports Diplomacy, the strategic use of sport to influence a foreign public, improve their brand, or demonstrate ESG, for example.

Following on from our ground-breaking research, policy and strategy, it is time to go to the next level; to push ourselves, partners and clients. Always bold, innovative and original, SDA is proud to announce the world first official club for sports diplomacy professionals.

Whether it is an event we’ve run at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, University of Edinburgh, or Tour de France, we keep hearing the same question: “How can we keep the conversation going?”

We want to do even more and create an umbrella organisation that represents the rapidly growing network of sports diplomacy professionals; the elite masters of off field activities. The Alliance will serve as the custodian for a permanent international society of sport.

We want to harness, measure and impact the mythical “power of sport” Mandela alluded to.

We want our network be different, built on camaraderie rather than competition.

We want to harness, measure and turbo boost the impact of sport; and we want to always be working for our teammates, changing the world, and changing the way people think about the role sport plays in international affairs.

And we want you to join us from the first whistle. Are you game?

What are the benefits of joining the Alliance?

  • Keep up to date with the latest in Sports Diplomacy
  • Hear from thought leaders on pivotal Sports Diplomacy related topics
  • Join the dialogue evolving around key Sports Diplomacy concepts
  • Attend events, network and meet like-minded sporting professionals
  • Become part of a local, national and global movement of sports diplomacy professionals
  • Learn how to practice sports diplomacy, to build and leverage your own project
  • Gain access to world leaders in sports diplomacy, online

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