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What if you could leverage your culture, identity and values to connect with international stakeholders through sport? 

Sports Diplomacy is a new way of phrasing a timeless method to enact powerful change while respecting sovereignty, culture, and geo-politics. 

Now, what if you had world-leading expertise in the fields of sports, international relations, diplomacy, and business to help make your vision a reality? 

The Sports Diplomacy Alliance can equip you, like an elite athlete, with the training, strategy and ‘game sense’ needed to harness the power of sport for a positive diplomatic, social, and economic impact. 

Playing the Sports Diplomacy game 

Sport is a universal language that transcends politics. It has a history of bridging geo-political divides and enjoys strong political, electoral, and patriotic support.  

But the race is on and, across the globe, sovereign powers are strategically using sport as a low-risk, low-cost and high-profile way to improve socio-cultural ties, build people-to-people relations, build trade and education links, for example.   

The Sports Diplomacy Alliance (the Alliance) works with governments at every level, from local agencies to sovereign states. We review, design, implement, and evaluate Sports Diplomacy strategies, and provide objective advice on how sport can amplify your policy, values, and interests.  

The Alliance has worked on major Sports Diplomacy projects all over the world. Each one has been unique, yet all have utilised sports to attract tourists, students, major summits, heads of state, entrepreneurs, athletes, and sports businesses to key regions. Done right, Sport Diplomacy is a strategic driver of economic growth, intercultural relations, and social transformation. 

In the increasingly complex international relations system, The Alliance can help you unlock your government’s hidden Sports Diplomacy power and potential, and achieve real results. 


How can governments benefit from Sports Diplomacy? 

  • It is a low-risk, low-cost and often high-profile way to increase your brand, trust, agency, and influence – regionally, nationally and globally. 
  • Sports Diplomacy creates new knowledge, skills, and jobs.  
  • Bespoke Sports Diplomacy strategies can be used for many purposes, from conflict resolution to strategic communication to cultural awareness.  
  • Sports Diplomacy amplifies a nation’s culture and values to broad overseas audiences. 
  • Sporting events drive dialogue and offer the opportunity for statecraft. Sports Diplomacy, through our advice and training, is your roadmap to maximising this opportunity.  
  • Sports Diplomacy neatly dovetails with public, cultural, or digital diplomacy strategies.   
  • Commercial Sports Diplomacy strategies can open doors to new markets, establish links to trade partners, and promote a nation as a prime destination for trade, education or tourism, for example.  
  • Sports Diplomacy can bring leaders together, strengthen old relationships, and forge new ones.  
  • Informal relationships built through sport can lead to formal gains in diplomacy, and often endure for life  

Let us help you become match ready 

Our team of global experts provides the following services: 
  • Providing training through certified short courses on Sports Diplomacy.  
  • Linking you to the Alliance’s database of partners, people, communities, and events. 
  • Designing, evaluating, and reviewing your Sports Diplomacy strategy or project.
  • Event mapping, management, and analysis of Sports Diplomacy summits or meetings.

Or maybe you want to play a different game? Our team can help. 

Projects, publications, and preferred partners 

Our team has worked on well-known Sports Diplomacy projects around the world. For example, we have provided advice, research, and consultation on the following projects:  

  • Australian Sports Diplomacy 2015-2018  
  • Towards a Welsh Sports Diplomacy Strategy (2020) 
  • Australian Sports Diplomacy 2030 

Ready to deliver real impact with your next sport project?

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